Instructor: Alan Shlemon

Making Abortion Unthinkable

Unborn children are killed each day and the State still protects the legal right to an abortion. What are you doing about it? You have two options. You can remain attitudinally pro-life or you can become behaviorally pro-life and do something to help stop the killing. Although people think no one changes their mind on abortion, that simply isn’t true. Learning the right tactics will help you make a more compelling case to those who disagree. In this course, you’ll learn tried and proven conversational skills that allow you to simplify the abortion discussion, demonstrate the humanity of the unborn, and make a thoughtful defense for the pro-life view. Once you’ve mastered the material in this class, you’ll be ready to make abortion unthinkable in your sphere of influence.
  • I - Only One Question
  • I - Questions
  • II - Trot Out The Toddler
  • II - Questions
  • III - The Unborn Is A Human Being
  • III - Questions
  • IV - The Sled Test
  • IV - Questions
  • V - Answering the Tough Cases
  • V - Questions
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