Instructor: Tim Barnett

Are Science and Faith Compatible?

"All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists." That was the headline in The New Yorker a few years ago. The article claimed that science "draws people away from religion." Many people have bought into this idea. But is this true? Are science and faith incompatible? In this course, Tim explores how a proper understanding of faith and science are completely compatible. Moreover, it was the Christian convictions of the founders of modern science that led to the birth of modern science. Finally, Tim gives an example of how studying the natural world can draw you to God and strengthen your faith in him.
  • I - Science Kills Faith?
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  • II - Getting Faith Right
  • II - Questions
  • III - The Birth Of Science
  • III - Questions
  • IV - Getting Science Right
  • IV - Questions
  • V - Scientific Evidence Points To God
  • V - Questions
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