Instructor: Jon Noyes

Jesus: Only One Way

There is perhaps no other claim found in Scripture that’s met with more resistance and scorn from contemporary culture than the exclusive claim “Jesus is the only way.” The world around us says this claim is narrow-minded. It violates the widely accepted principle that all roads lead to heaven. It's offensive! But the question isn’t “Is it offensive?” The question is “Is it true?" Over the course of five classes, we'll explore that question and many more. This is STR University, Jesus: Only One Way.
  • I - Introduction
  • I - Questions
  • II - Dead Ends
  • II - Questions
  • III - The Claim
  • III - Questions
  • IV - Was Jesus Right
  • IV - Questions
  • V - Why Is Jesus The Only Way
  • V - Questions
  • More Information
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